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The Busan International Film Festival was founded in 1996 and is also one of the most important film festivals in Asia. From September to October each year, the Busan Film Festival is held in Busan, South Korea's second largest port city, in an effort to promote the development of the Korean film industry and contribute to the expansion of Asian films to the world.
The Busan Film Festival is also known as a paradise for new directors. It is famous for screening and selecting new directors' works. Many new films will also choose to premiere at the Busan Film Festival.
The Chinese have won the "New Wave Award" many times at the Busan Film Festival.
Zhang Ming said: "Film is a dream. Without fantasy, what else can the film show? If you don't dream, what can you expect in life?" If you tell the stories of Mai Qiang, Chen Qing and others in "In Expectation" If Cheng is a dream, then the small town of Wushan on the shore of the Yangtze River is the bed that produces dreams. He is also the bed of Zhang Ming's movie, but this bed is about to collapse.
LIEW SENG TAT's "Flower in the Pocket" focuses the camera on a pair of marginalized father and son. The film does not directly describe the departure of the child's mother, but indirectly leads to the family's past from the situation of the two sons and the father. Their family is not a native Malaysian family, so they have an invisible wall with their environment.
"The more beautiful girls are more likely to be deceived, because they are too confident, thinking that love can change a person." It can be summed up in "Love Conquers All" directed by Tan Chui Mui.
Of course, many have won the title of "Best Documentary".
Director Ye Yun’s "Look Love" records the growth experiences of two children in different worlds, focusing on the confusion of family members trying to communicate emotionally but ultimately failing, and eliciting their inner monologues that they failed to tell each other.
"A good village is about to become a cemetery." Guo Hengqi's "New Castle" focuses on a group of people who have lost all hope to gather for warmth. However, the situation has not changed much, except for despair and indignation!
The opening film of the 12th Busan Film Festival "Nobody's Girlfriend" can be reminiscent of Rohmer and Hong Sangsu.
"LOST MOUNTAIN" directed by Gu Tao witnessed the inevitable decline of Ewenki's traditional hunting culture under the erosion of modern civilization. "One Summer" directed by Yang Yishu reflects the current social rifts in a unique way. "A Young Patriot" directed by Du Haibin is a documentary about Xiao Zhao, a young man born in the 1990s. He is a red soldier of the 21st century in Pingyao County, Shanxi.
CathayPlay decided to show these 9 Chinese films that were shortlisted and awarded at the Busan Film Festival in the past two decades, staring at 9 different lives in different eras.
Tan Chui Mui
20 Minutes
Ye Yun
149 Minutes
Gu Tao
62 Minutes
Tan Chui Mui
90 Minutes
Liew Seng Tat
98 Minutes
Guo Hengqi
112 Minutes
Yang Yishu
93 Minutes
Du Haibin
106 Minutes
Zhang Ming
95 Minutes
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