City New Wave Youth Film Exhibition - Short Film Screening Group B

The city, which is transient, changing and fluid, and therefore, no matter how prosperous or how downtrodden a zone is, as long as there are people living there, she belongs only to the people who live there. Her form is unique in its constant transformation, and the form of her existence makes her only a private memory.

We are looking forward to seeing more video works about the city, and giving the creators some support and promotion, which includes online and offline screening exchange and sharing by the creators,it seeks to help creators' work reach a wider audience.

At the same time, young creators often face problems such as narrow distribution channels, difficulty in gathering audiences, and lack of communication opportunities.We promote films, gather audiences and conduct post-screening exchanges by organising film festivals in conjunction with online screening platforms and local screening organisations. By bringing creators closer to audiences through a more direct and effective C2B model, In this way, it stimulates the production of better quality video and adds practical experience for young creators who are willing to go on to theatrical films.

This is why we launched the City New Wave Youth Film Exhihition,Whatever the genre, whatever the style, whatever the subject matter, the creators simply have to be honest in evoking their private memories of the city and be brave enough to present them on the screen.

The City New Wave Youth Film Exhibition is currently divided into three sections: Narrative, Experimental and Independent Feature. Within this Narrative section there will be additional special screening sub-sections for women's concerns and children concerns. The selected works will be chosen directly from the submissions and no additional submissions will be made.
OuYang Jiao
16 Minutes
Paco Wen
25 Minutes
Xu Shuo
30 Minutes
GUO RunJia
9 Minutes
Chenxu Wang
15 Minutes
Yin Yu
26 Minutes
21 Minutes
TAN ZhiXuan
5 Minutes
0:00 0:00