Ten recommended films by Professor Zhang Xianmin

“He is (in independent film industry) Jiao Yulu and Ge Yulu." —(Film scholar Wang Xiaolu talks about Zhang Xianmin)

Zhang Xianmin publicly solicited and watched videos through social media in 2017. Taking "creative" as the consideration, the author recommends some of the films. The first "Ten Recommendations" was divided into a mature author group and a new author group, each of which recommended ten works. The second session was completed during the 2020 epidemic.
As the three independent film festivals have ceased to exist, Zhang Xianmin's "one-person video promotion" is of great significance to film authors outside the mainstream system.
He has always believed that the creativity of images is still there. This "still" is related to strong locality and presence. The location and presence of the short film allows the short film to swing back and forth between the society of acquaintances and the society of complete strangers.
Professor Zhang Xianmin received more than 700 films in his two ten recommendations, and finally recommended more than 40 short films, including mature authors and emerging authors. CathayPlay is honored to be able to show 10 of them, 10 of which demonstrate the creativity of Chinese video.
— Zhu Zijing
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