About Us

CathayPlay.com, launched in early 2019, is a streaming platform dedicated to showcasing the diversity and richness of Chinese independent cinema. Our extensive collection, encompassing over 700 films acclaimed at major global film festivals as of the end of 2023, reflects the wide-ranging Chinese communities worldwide. Continually growing, our library is updated weekly with new films, further enriching our diverse offerings. This includes not only Mandarin and Cantonese but also an array of regional dialects, adding depth and authenticity to our selection. Our library spans diverse genres such as drama, documentary, experimental, animation, and ethnographic studies, each offering unique insights into the multifaceted Chinese culture and society.   
At CathayPlay, our mission is to bridge cultural divides and showcase the stories and perspectives of the global Chinese diaspora through our globally acclaimed Chinese independent films. These films offer a window into the diverse narratives and artistic expressions within Chinese society, reflecting a broad spectrum of experiences and viewpoints. 
Emphasizing our commitment to diversity, CathayPlay's platform, under the slogan "Watch Different," includes special columns like "Light of Female," dedicated to female directors, and a specific section for LGBTQIA+ films. This approach highlights the diverse voices in Chinese cinema and ensures that our international audience has access to a wide range of content that celebrates the richness and variety of the Chinese community. 
CathayPlay operates on a subscription model, offering access to this wide array of content. Additionally, we provide specialized subscription plans tailored for students, scholars, and professionals in the film industry, making it easier for these groups to explore and engage with our content. 
In addition to streaming, CathayPlay also engages in educational DVD distribution and the publication of books and magazines related to Chinese independent cinema. We organize thematic events and activities, all centered around the theme of Chinese independent film, providing audiences with multiple facets of Chinese independent cinema. 
As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment remains steadfast: to serve as a gateway to the diverse and enriching world of Chinese independent cinema. CathayPlay is more than a platform; it's a journey into the heart of storytelling, where every film is an invitation to explore, learn, and connect with the pulsating narrative of the Chinese experience across the globe. We are not just streaming films; we are cultivating a community united by a passion for authentic and compelling narratives.

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