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Talking about "The Taste of Rice Flower": The Beginning of Chinese New Movie

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 28 May 2020

"The Taste of Rice Flower" is so light, beautiful, playful and cute, which completely wipes out the public's impression of the "tragic" movie in rural China. View All

This farmer who has made a documentary for 15 years, would like to invite you to see his new film

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 27 May 2020

The farmer's dream is the same as that of people in the city? perhaps? For example, farmers also want to dream and play with film art, and people in the city or after finishing film and art, and then dream of a pastoral? This may be the same dream? Seems to be more difficult to implement? View All

I talk about "Send me to Cloud"

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 26 May 2020

The film has the advantages of more successful character creation, self-strengthening, desire, life and death, unique expression of topics, intellectual and humorous; the disadvantage is the grasp of the plot structure. View All

Let the documentary return to its original function

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 25 May 2020

Overall, the film has almost no tendency, and there is no deliberate conflict between the beauty of the mountains and the ugliness of the village. The editing is basically arranged naturally in the order of day and night, and each scene is simple And trivial reduction. View All

Shanghai Queer

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 23 May 2020

The enthusiasm that grew from the innumerable helplessness and compromise is to put hope in the future to stubbornly confront the dismal status quo, obey the correctness of the heart, and force yourself to promote something particularly difficult. View All

The daily life of Ajia

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 22 May 2020

"Shangjiajia" will inevitably be compared with "Three Sisters" directed by Wang Bing. They have similar themes (isolated life on the mountain in Yunnan) and similar characters (children on the mountain). View All

Everyone has to pass their own Zhaoguan

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 21 May 2020

I am like mourning the long sky goose, and like a dragon swimming on a shallow beach. View All

I hope this movie won many awards, I really like it!

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 20 May 2020

Lin Baili said: "In contrast, contemporary people's anxiety and fear seem so fragile without the courage to live and die; the visuals are so charming, nothing seems to happen, and the images make people so happy. View All

The embarrassing life of "Dancing in the wind": there is no open space to dance

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 19 May 2020

"Red Emperor" Gu Donglin had been divorced twice, pulling the daughter of Tingting in junior high school alone. When he was young, he likes to dance, and now he is bored and can only go to the park to rub others' music and dance. View All

Director Dai Zhai lived for one year after 1980, "The Taste of Rice Flower" focuses on left-behind children

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 18 May 2020

The film was ethereal and humorous, and it gave light weight to serious topics such as ethnic minorities, urban-rural contradictions, intergenerational conflicts, tradition and modernity. View All

"Send me to the clouds" Movies portray women's social situation

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 17 May 2020

Those who are real, intelligent, unsuccessful, and still strive to be recognized and respected by women, are also worthy to have names in Chinese movies. View All

"Returing": 41

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 16 May 2020

The directors of today's era have found a "film sense" that can be quickly achieved through their own creation. They are a group of directors such as Abbas, Hou Xiaoxian, Ceylon, Flamatino, Jia Zhangke, Gomez and so on. View All

Zhang Zanbo: Low-speed life in high-speed China

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 15 May 2020

When I met Zhang Zanbo, I was seated in a cafe in Beijing 798 Park and asked for a glass of water. He is gentle and humble, has a kind of innocence and compassion, and occasionally exaggerates. View All

Hengying Academy ’s post-90s teachers ’works hit the international stage and won two nominations

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 14 May 2020

After the original micro-film "Stone Scissor Cloth" won the Best Short Film Award and the Best Screenplay Award at the Fiuggi Film Festival, another film from the Hengdian Film and Television Academy stepped onto the international stage. View All

His ideals, whose rivers and lakes | "My Hope Is on the Road" Screening Postscript

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 13 May 2020

Some people cherish the small strokes in Qingdao in the last days, some regret the unfulfilled dreams of the small strokes, some lament the craziness of the small strokes in performance art, and some question the vulgar behavior of the small strokes in public. View All

Oral History of LAO Hu Miao: Unfinished Documentary

By CATHAYPLAY, published on 12 May 2020

In 2009, it was the time when Chongqing's "singing red and black" became popular. Therefore, I wrote in my blog that the purpose of this trip was to “examine comprehensively how the Cultural Revolution was fully restored in Chongqing”, and therefore became a sensitive person and a dangerous event. View All

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