The disastrous defeat of Beijing Drifter's subjective illusion: Reviews on documentary : Daxing fire

By ZHANG Jie, published on 21 Feb 2020

In a sense, Beijing Drifter has no new free space, and it is difficult to spawn a new free subject under dogmatism. Beijing Drifter as the subject of the process has entered another multiple underlying space and has produced a foundational illusion of existence. View All

Director’s Statement of Youth

By Gengjun, published on 13 Jun 2019

The horses are drawn by the lorry while some youths are still in the street. Liu Jincai committed suicide by taking the pesticide. He said: "There are lots of things I haven't done yet", when he was dying. Wang Guoqing had himself hurt badly for the sake of friendship and died in the hospital. View All


By Robert Koehler, published on 22 May 2019

Any future book on documentary film history will have to mark a place of honor for Xu Xin's "Karamay." Even among the field of exceptional work by China's independent documakers. View All

A Yangtze Landscape

By Xianmin Zhang, published on 22 May 2019

After 49 years, the official has been promoting the Yangtze River as a mother river. Nowadays, with the irrational development of China, the humanities and ecology of the Yangtze River have been seriously damaged. View All

Filming a documentary for the Chinese

By Jinwen Li, published on 22 May 2019

The name "Torch Troupe" came from the Cultural Revolution. At that time, the traditional Sichuan opera repertoire was banned in public performance venues, but the remote rural areas were performing in private. Because of the need to use the torch lighting at night, it was gradually called. View All

A 'Lie' hidden in the cup for more than ten years

By ZHU yantong, BOBO, published on 03 May 2019

专访《杯子里的小牛》作者朱彦潼 Dad said that there is a cow hidden in the milk cup. I don't believe it. After drinking so many cups of milk, I discovered that... In fact, it is our own. View All

A dead Yangtze River

By Interview: Xiao Tong' & Author: Pan Junwen, published on 01 May 2019

The documentary "Yangtze River" wants to metaphorize the current Chinese chaos by shooting the Yangtze River, known as the Mother River. Xu Xin said, "I hope to use documentaries to record and express my own thoughts." View All

About 《Expressionism》

By Zhang Xianmin, published on 02 Apr 2019

Zhang Xianmin, an independent film critic and curator, is a professor at the Beijing Film Academy. View All

Xu Ruotao's "Expressionism": Really fierce or fierce art

By Wu Wenguang, published on 02 Apr 2019

Wu Wenguang, known as the "father of China's independent documentary film". His main works include "Wandering Beijing: The Last Dreamer", "1966, My Red Guards", "Jianghu", etc. .Since 2010, he has been working on the "People's Memory Project". View All

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