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By Xianmin Zhang, published on 22 May 2019

This film is a documentary filmed by Xu Xin along the river. The film is about 2 hours and 20 minutes long.

Xu Xin’s film deserves to be discussed in a very long space. For example, he has mixed application and arrangement of different image materials. This feature is not a contrast between different image materials in the Yangtze River, but a contrast between subtitles and images. Originally, this film may use film and digital pictures, self-made digital pictures and online pirated fragments to create a movie. Xu Xin chose to insert a few in the film "normal" as in dialogue. Turkic subtitles. These subtitles are related to specific public events, but they have another function, which is to give the eternal river a point in time, similar to the ancients said to seek swords. The appearance of these subtitles will make many viewers unhappy, but the contrast they provide and the effect of the aesthetics are the core reasons for my recommendation. Imagine if I had to design a poster for this film, would there be subtitles?

The water sense of this piece has been in the front and back, and its black and white selection is also very legitimate. The "Two Rivers Hearts" sent to me by Hidden II this time, the lens of about 12 waters was continuously cut at the end of the film, which is near Nanjing. Xu Xin is actually a Taizhou native. He has a lot of traditional cut-offs. For example, he is not big enough for Maoshan. Therefore, when he filmed "Mapi", he was surprised at the strong Taoist folk tradition in Taizhou. He later lived mainly in Nanjing, and after living in Beijing for a short period of time, he lived in Suzhou for several years. Chen Xiaoqing, who left CCTV, said that southerners are aquatic products and northerners are livestock. Xu Xin is a typical aquatic product. His accent is very heavy. The youth who lived in Nanjing were mainly painting, and also made some video installations. Xu Xin’s water in the Yangtze River is a wave of water. Although Canglang Pavilion is in Suzhou, Canglang is in Taihu Lake and Yangtze River. The ancients said that "the water of the waves can lick my feet" and may be drowned in it. In 1994, I played the drama of "Wushan Yunyu" at the end of the river. The local producers on the shore joked before I went into the water: "Well, if you don't travel well, go to Gezhouba to find you." At that time, the Three Gorges Dam was not built yet. The bodies were stopped by Gezhouba.

The surface aesthetics of this water test the capabilities of digital devices. I rarely mention specific equipment (suspicious of implanting advertisements) in the film review, but this film was taken by XF300. After watching the film for a long time (I have seen several different working versions before and after this film), I met this colorist Mr. Li (he is also the colorist of "Easy + Happy") at a flower in Huajiadi. He is on the Yangtze River. The quality of the painting is still not very satisfactory. I think the picture of the water of the Yangtze River is very good. Of course, this is from a knowledge.I know the personal feeling of the molecular angle, the resolution is enough, I can't feel the particles (when I have the opportunity to watch the big projection, I don't know how the resolution will change), but I still feel that it has reached the limit of its resolution. I don't need it to have a higher resolution. This is a personal work. What is the resolution of Ma Yuan's "Water Map"? A higher resolution will be a bit like a grand narrative of quality, which will correspond to other interpretations of water.

This film was originally the "making of the Yangtze River". But it is much more than a making of. As a documentary, Xu Xin not only inserted some “unrelated” subtitles, but also retained several seemingly penetrating paragraphs. Those passages, in a documentary work, are also quite awkward, and some viewers may be confused. I feel that whether I have read the "Yangtze River Map" does not affect the love or dislike of "Yangtze River".

I am very enjoying the process of watching this film.

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