Li Lanca

Li Lanca

Li Lanca

As a graduate from the BA Image Art of Emerson College, Li Lanka has participated in the production of many long and short films, variety shows, and advertisements. Li has also participated in the production of some famous projects such as Abacus (a Oscar-nominated documentary), Folding City (a fiction), Kill This Love, and The Middle Kingdom Ride by National Geographic as a director, producer and other roles.

He has been the curator of the 2019 Hainan International Film Festival, the 2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, and the 2018 Boston Asian American Film Festival.


2021 And We Collide, screenwriter, director

2021 The Middle Kingdom Ride, bilingual director

2018 Mango Hits Oscar, bilingual director

2018 There is a Blackhole in My Head, director, editor

2018 The Misfortuned Time Travel of Yimusi , screenwriter, director

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