Dimensions of Dialogue

“Someone asked me why I made a movie. Because there are not many things that can be explained between people, I think."—Tan Chui Mui

The "Dimensions of Dialogue" playlist attempts to interpret the multi-dimensional meaning of the word "dialogue" through the included Chinese independent films.
Wang Wo's "Dialogue" and Fu Yu's "Dialogue between Blue & Green" record rare collisions between different groups of people, and have intriguing and enlightening significance at a time when the global ideological barrier is becoming more and more torn.
"Criticizing Ai Weiwei and Wu Haohao" explores the possibility of the establishment of a dialogue. Is "criticism" a reflection of the author's afterthought?
Goodbye language and communicate in ways other than speaking. This is the dialogue experiment of people in "The Silent Voyage" after SARS.
The dialogue in "Lone Existence" is in another dimension, in the image of poetry, the author re-examines his relationship with the world.
In Tan Chui Mui's "A Tree in Tanjung Malim", what is more interesting than the dialogue itself is the ambiguity outside of language.
— Zhu Zijing
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