5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake 14th Anniversary

On the 14th anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake, we launched a commemorative topic, reviewing the catastrophe 14 years ago and the aftermath of the catastrophe 14 years ago through the four films of "The Way to the Sea", "Red White", "1428" and "Buried".
In these four documentaries, the creators used completely different attitudes to record the space and people after the earthquake.
A gloomy tragic color, a growing optimism, an individual's powerlessness in front of a huge system, and a resentment that is sorrowful for future generations.
Scars can be healed, but the dead cannot be reborn. This year, thirteen years later, we are also facing the catastrophe of life and death. What kind of entanglement is there?
Gu Tao
20 Minutes
Wang Libo
108 Minutes
Du Haibin
118 Minutes
Chen Xinzhong
97 Minutes
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